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Kanji in Japanese Language
:star: Example sentence:
:bulletred: 私はいつかイエローストーンで狼を見たい。
[Pronounce] Watashi-wa itsuka ieroosutoon-de ookami-wo mitai.
[Meaning]     I want to watch wolves in Yellowstone someday.
:bulletgreen: Type of characters
私 狼 見 --- 漢字 (Kanji)
は いつか で を たい --- ひらがな (Hiragana)
イエローストーン --- カタカナ (Katakana)
Japanese language has 3 type of characters. That is to say, Kanji(漢字), Hiragana(ひらがな) and Katakana(カタカナ). :)
Japanese calls Chinese characters "Kanji"(漢字). "Kan"(漢) means ancient Chinese empire "Han[Chinese]"(Kan[Japanese]), and "ji"(字) means "characte
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Japanese Guardian Dog -Komainu-
It's left undone for a long time to submitting my journal. I don't have interesting news, something exciting and so on around me recently. ^^;
Therefore I will sometimes submit journals which introduce Japanese culture, tradition, history, fashion and daily life, though I'm lazy and uncertain weather. :)
Part 1... "Komainu".
Komainu [狛犬] are always sitting at the gate of (or at the street side of) Jinja [神社] (Shinto shrine in Japan). They are guardians of Jinja. They are just gatekeepers of Jinja. Their figure is almost like dogs which muzzles are short. Their figure and expression are very strict, but a bit cute, I think. :D
Koimainu are originally Chinese Lion statues. They came from China to Japan with Buddhism thousand and several hundred years ago. Lions in China originally came from India, beyond mountains of Himalaya, through desert of central Asia, and via Silk Road. In addition to it, lions of Thailand and Cambodia also originate lion statues of Ind
:iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 18 39






Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Nature, Prehistory, & Fantasy

I have an Associate's Degree in Wildlife Technology, and I studied environmental education, natural disasters, and writing for a Bachelor's Degree as an Independent Major. I currently work for a governmental subdivision and my hobbies include music, theater, hiking, hunting, and fishing. I also spend quite a bit of time reading up on mythologies, ancient cultures, archaeology, paleontology/paleo-ecology, and various topics related to my college studies.
So I know I've been gone for about a year this time around, but I really didn't feel like becoming a part of the drama that is this site again. Seriously, the community here can be extremely childish at times when it comes to bitchiness and butthurt feelings and intolerance to differences in ideology. And there are a number of people who were less than helpful when it came to community-building due to their impatience with young people coming here to learn... but many of them seem to have disappeared as far as I can tell from browsing the forums. Or at least the tone of the forums seems to have changed, and that's a good thing.

Anyway I have been logging in again at irregular intervals over the past month or so. I would like to become more active here again, but I really don't have much passion for photography at the moment. I have a massive backlog of raw photos that I need to go through and edit, but I really don't care to bother with all of them. I am also currently without space for drawing/painting as we are in the middle of remodeling our dining room. And that has been put on hold while we clean out the garage in preparation for having a new garage door installed before winter makes our driveway impassible for delivery trucks. (Hoping the new door will offer better insulation for my bedroom which is above the garage!)

Beyond that, 2016 has been a rough year for me. We lost both our 9-year-old black Labrador and our 14 (almost 15)-year-old English setter within a month of each other. Then my best friend at work took another job with the county and even though they gave his job duties to me, no one told me he was leaving until the afternoon before his last day. (Freakin' bastards! It's not like we're a private enterprise that designs its own policies and procedures. We're a governmental sub-division, and job duties have to comply with state and federal policies, not just regulations.) And now another one of my coworkers is leaving and I'll be getting her job... but that transition won't be so bad as I've done similar work for other organizations, and we have about a month before her duties will get transferred over to my workload.

However, none of that will have much impact on my long-term future as I am looking into going back to school. I'm tired of doing work that only half-interests me, and I'm determined to take the plunge that will at least give me a better opportunity to pursue my real dreams. Unfortunately, DeviantArt won't be very useful to me in regard to those goals as I wish to pursue artistic efforts more in the audio-visual realms (music and film). But maybe you'll see me on YouTube instead... who knows. I'm still hammering out the details so as to best utilize opportunities and current trends in technology, education, and individual creative avenues.

Here's hoping for the best!

  • Listening to: Lindsey Sterling, Peter Hollens
  • Reading: Course catalogues
  • Eating: leftovers
  • Drinking: black tea, cran-grape juice


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