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United States
Nature, Prehistory, & Fantasy
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Artistic Expression: My primary hobbies are writing and photography. My writing usually takes the form of fantasy literature, and I am currently working on the second round of editing/rewriting for my first novel manuscript. I also enjoy writing literary journalism-type essays (things you would see in hobbyist magazines) and monologues/theater scripts.

My photography focuses mainly on nature and wildlife (particularly birds). The region of the US where I live has a great diversity of habitats and offers plenty of opportunities for any photographer.

Education: I have an Associate's Degree in Wildlife Technology, and my Bachelor's Degree was an independent major focused on environmental education, natural disasters, and writing. I know how to assess the health of habitats and waterways, determine whether they are suitable for a given species, perform various population studies, and do basic management of harvestable forest stands. I also know how to create basic mitigation plans for preparation and evacuation in case of any number of natural disasters.

Residence: The region of the US where I live is also along the line of the furthest glacial encroachment of the current "Ice Age." The entire landscape I live in has been shaped by naturally-occurring climate change, and because of the evidence and information I've gathered from living in this region my entire life and from the various professors I've studied under, I do not believe in man-made global warming. Any information you wish to present to me regarding this should be firsthand scientific papers with all the data and experiment details, not secondhand, media-edited hearsay for the common man.
Just logging in for the first time in six months, give or take... I was really expecting there to be more changes to the site since then, but apparently dA made all of those major switches just before I left. (No, I didn't leave because of the changes. Life just got busy and distracting.)

I doubt I'll be hanging out around here much anytime soon, but I thought it would be nice to check in and see what idiocy has popped up here recently. I'm working on a new novel idea, because I've gotten bored with my other work(s). I'm also in training for a new job position which has now turned into two new job positions this week. I'll be traveling a lot in the coming months, and this training could last up to two-three years in total. Yippee! *sarcasm galore!*

My artistic endeavors are focused more on gifts for friends/requests from friends as well as remodeling my bedroom (properly now that I have the cash!). And one of my friends has recently threatened to drag me out to get a tattoo... I don't like needles, but she says it's a completely different sensation. If she follows through on this threat (which I doubt she will), I'm thinking of getting my little Pine-Skully Dude permanently inked onto my body somewhere.

Anyway, you may hear from me again soon or you may not... Thanks for reading either way!

- Ghost -

P.S.: I met James Marsters at my region's Comic Con awhile back. It was good to be reminded that not all guys out there today are a bunch of party-happy pigs. I salute you! 
  • Listening to: Sonata Arctica, Loreena McKennit
  • Reading: Lots of training materials
  • Watching: Torchwood
  • Playing: Solitaire
  • Eating: Poptarts, apples
  • Drinking: coffee, black tea, birch beer

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