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Artistic Expression: My primary hobbies are writing and photography. My writing usually takes the form of fantasy literature, and I am currently working on the second round of editing/rewriting for my first novel manuscript. I also enjoy writing literary journalism-type essays (things you would see in hobbyist magazines) and monologues/theater scripts.

My photography focuses mainly on nature and wildlife (particularly birds). The region of the US where I live has a great diversity of habitats and offers plenty of opportunities for any photographer.

Education: I have an Associate's Degree in Wildlife Technology, and my Bachelor's Degree was an independent major focused on environmental education, natural disasters, and writing. I know how to assess the health of habitats and waterways, determine whether they are suitable for a given species, perform various population studies, and do basic management of harvestable forest stands. I also know how to create basic mitigation plans for preparation and evacuation in case of any number of natural disasters.

Residence: The region of the US where I live is also along the line of the furthest glacial encroachment of the current "Ice Age." The entire landscape I live in has been shaped by naturally-occurring climate change, and because of the evidence and information I've gathered from living in this region my entire life and from the various professors I've studied under, I do not believe in man-made global warming. Any information you wish to present to me regarding this should be firsthand scientific papers with all the data and experiment details, not secondhand, media-edited hearsay for the common man.
Yeah, so about three or four weeks ago, my laptop decided to kick the bucket. The power input quit working without warning. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of a three-week stretch of having no days off from work. (Yeah, major overtime was wonderful to see when the paycheck came after that marathon at Maple Camp.)

Well, I finally had time to go shopping for a new laptop last weekend. It had to be ordered in from the store's warehouse, which delayed getting it. Then I took in the old laptop when the new one arrived at the store to have all of my old files transferred (yay, for not having to spend hours copying all of my photo and fiction files over to the new laptop!), which also delayed getting it. But seeing as I had already gone three weeks without a computer, I had the store techs also install some kickass antivirus software while they were at it seeing as I always have the worst of luck loading that stuff (like installs take me 3 or 4 tries to get them to finish properly).

So now the new laptop is finally home. There are some aspects of Windows 8 that I like, but also there are a number that I don't like (such as those stupid load-up pages in the pastel colors... ). And thank the tech gods for my wireless mouse! I got it when I wore out the touchpad on my old laptop, and now I've found that the touchpad on this new laptop just isn't sensitive enough to deal with my work-abused fingers. (My hands got so chapped during that three-week stint that my knuckles were cracked and bleeding. I looked like I had punched someone repeatedly.) Hopefully once my fingertips stop peeling and heal up, I'll be able to use the touchpad more easily.

Don't expect me to be uploading much anytime soon. With the death of my old laptop, I've lost both my photo-editing software as well as my writing software. I'll be re-purchasing Microsoft Office soon enough, but I want to look around at photo-editing programs and see what caters best to my preferences.

- Ghost -
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: '90s rock
  • Reading: Dinosaurs in Fantastic Fiction
  • Watching: Ax Men, Face Off
  • Playing: Solitaire
  • Eating: gummie bears
  • Drinking: black tea, cranberry juice, water

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